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Is Brexit Going to Cause a Financial Collapse?

Well, the British citizens just voted to leave the EU.  Can you believe it?  Is it real?  Why would any country want to leave the control of yet another “higher level” government?  Well, we can talk about part another day.  Today, I want to address the all the hype and the initial stock market troubles this morning.  It has been discussed for days that if those crazy British citizens somehow vote to leave the EU, that financial chaos will reign.

Can the desire for freedom of a few people on an island really cause an entire world economic meltdown?  Short answer, no, and here’s why.

First, I do not want to take anything away from Britain or their role in the world markets.  They are a major player.  However, they are still nothing more than a player on the world team.  Entire teams do not fail because one person decides he wants one less person to report to.  The team fails only if the team was operating on false premise and doomed for failure anyway.

Our entire world economy is a scam.  We have been living on tomorrow’s labors for decades and every few years we have a “correction” that brings us back down.  This is a requirement since our system frequently goes farther than it should.  That was the case in 2008, and it is the case today.

Make no doubt, a correction we will have.  But that correction is not due to the British citizens voting to leave the EU, in which they have always had one foot in and one foot out anyway.  The correction is coming because it must, because all things that go up (farther than they should) must come down.

My personal take is the “powers that be” wanted the vote for Brexit to go forward to give them a reason for a correction.  This not only gives them cover to continue to make money of the backs of the people while the market goes up and down, but it likewise allows the media to push the blame on those pesky people wanting freedom and liberty.

Yes, a correction will come, but it is not because a few people wanted freedom; and no, in the end, Britain will not leave the EU, at least they will not really leave the EU.  After the dust settles, we will have a needed correction, it will be blamed on sovereignty, and when the dust settles, Britain will be part of an even stronger EU.