Higley School Board

Who should be making the decisions on how to best educate our children?  Some say parents, some say teachers, some say administrators, some say state governments and some believe it is the role of the federal government… This is the main question being asked of the voters in the upcoming election; and we have a wide range of alternatives to choose from.

I for one, am a big proponent of parental direction… Call me crazy, but they are OUR children; and I believe I will have a reporting to God for both what I taught them and for what I permitted others to teach them.  Now is not the time to go into my exact belief and preferences on the best and most proper form of educating our children, but as a parent, grandparent and as a taxpayer I will most definitely be throwing my support behind those that are the closest to my beliefs.

The local Republican legislative district (LD12) recently had a “debate” for many of the candidates – click here to view.  There was also another debate with only Higley candidates at the Higley Center for the Arts – however I have not been able to find video of that event.  I was present for both debates.

This is a readers digest analysis, but Rebecca Jarman is the closest to aligning with my preferences  in parental direction with Michelle Anderson next.  The whole “W for Winners” campaign of Whitener and Wojtovich believe parents are incapable (I am assuming due to our lack of time and information) of seeing the big picture and work towards a district and/or governmental control of our schools and children.

I know it has been said many times that “it takes a village to raise a child”, but to be frank, I believe that to be absolute crap.  Yes, we can all help one another as individuals, parents and fellow children of God; but something tells me when I kneel before the judgment bar of God in regards to my children, He will not be calling the entire village in to discuss.  The successes and failures will be on the shoulders of myself and my wife – along with the children themselves.  We, as parents, must acknowledge that the duty and responsibility of parenting (and teaching our children) has never and will never leave – it cannot be abdicated regardless of what governments do.  Therefore, let us start now in searching for and voting for candidates that will not seeks ways to “educate” us parents with scare tactics, but will seek out our wishes and desires on how we feel is best to properly educate our children.

Join me in voting for Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson for Higley Unified School Board.

Prop 480….

While I believe that there has been a need for a county hospital; I believe that need is gone.  With Obamacare going mandatory on January 1, 2015 and the medicaid expansion here in Arizona.. who needs county anymore?  We the people are being forced into paying for Medicaid expansion and Obamacare in order to make sure everyone has access to “affordable” health insurance… and offering massive assistance to the low income among us.  So why do we need a county hospital still?  The truth… We don’t.  There are two legitimate reasons.  One is it is one of the finest burn units in the nation, and two, the colleges are using it as a “medical school”…  These are great functions – but should not be foot by the people of Maricopa county. These costs should be paid for by those using the burn unit (and their insurance) along with the universities using the facilities as a training ground (of course… we are subsidizing our in state universities too…and yet somehow college tuition has skyrocketed over the last decade or two).

This proposition is asking for just shy of 1 billion dollars… Are you kidding me??  For a county hospital (that really isn’t needed anymore)??

This one is a no-brainer – vote no on prop 480.

Take a look at what the Arizona Tax Research Association has to say – Click Here.

Higley Superintendent “picking” her own school board.

Many moons ago, when I decided to be more active in politics, I found myself “shocked” at some of what I found behind the scenes… Sadly, the longer I look behind the curtain, the less the “politics” business shocks me.  Similar is the latest with our Higley School Board elections.  I am not shocked at all, just find myself shaking my head.

Higley Unified School District Superintendent not only endorses certain candidates, but puts her money where her mouth is.  Ms Birdwell recently donated $500 along with her endorsement of incumbent school board president Venessa Whitener’s campaign. Here are the Campaign Finance Docs.  One will also notice a $250 contribution from  Vice President of Higley School Board Kim Anderson.

I am not sure which bothers me more… the fact that Ms Birdwell is giving money to a candidate (that has direct input on the superintendent position and it’s pay.. ) or that Venessa Whitener (who is a representative of the Higley parents) is accepting money from the very person/position she is suppose to direct.

Do we really have much say in what goes on even in our schools??  It appears to be nothing short of a “good old boys” club, or in this case, a “good old girls” club.