Hoodwinked By the Establishment

What is it that drives a man to jump off a boat to storm a French beach while taking enemy fire?  Or, what inspires a man to stand in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square, or what moves a young woman to refuse to give up her seat on the bus, or to join a march or protest?Examples of leadership fill the history books and inspire us to action even decades later.  Are the traits the same for a person joining a popular march in comparison to the singular actions of individual?  Two traits of a great leader are they are inspiring and honest.  The most incredible trait of leadership is being able to inspire people to action.  Some use this power to inspire people to action that is detrimental to their own well being.  Not all leaders are great, because all leaders do not share the same basic required traits.  The devil can inspire man to commit incredible evils, but he sure isn’t honest.  He is the father of lies, and the Establishment, or more specifically the Political Establishment, is the son of lies.

In 2008 after eight years of war, social spending, and a massive increase in debt, the masses demanded change.  Many believed it would be John McCain vs Hillary Clinton, but the kinkpins had other thoughts.  The political establishment offered us “hope and change”.  The people demanded change, and the establishment offers us exactly what we think we want.  We, the people of this great nation, were like the fish seeing that bright and colorful spinning lure; we cannot help but take a bite!  What did the nation get with Obama?  We got eight more years of war, a grand expanse on social spending, and an ever depressive increase in debt.  Now, the nation sits in frustration far exceeding that of 2008.  The nation has been demanding change in Washington, and each election cycle the last four years has gotten it.  The Republicans gained seats and control in both houses.  The people continue to demand change.  The Establishment knows the people want a Republican this time, and there is nothing they can do to stop that… or is there?

The people, and I mean nearly all the people of the nation, are demanding “non-establishment” candidates.  The Democrats are giving about 40% of their vote to self proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.  I do not believe that is indicative that Americans are ready to debase themselves to the extent of voting in a socialist, but it shows hows even the dems are disgusted and want non-establishment.  During the 2012 Republican primaries, Ron Paul, the bane of the establishment, garnered great traction for the non-establishment movement.  This disgust has only grown with the constant sell-out of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and even now we see more of the same with the supposed fiscal conservative “darling” Paul Ryan.  The Republicans are now even more disgruntled with the establishment and the establishment knows it.  The people are angry and the republican masses will not put in a Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio, etc.  They are demanding a non-establishment, and the establishment is all too willing to give us one.  Enter Donald Trump to the race.  What better way to get Trump elected that for the Establishment to act like they do not like him?  Let’s look back just four years ago with Ron Paul’s election, the media gave him nearly ZERO coverage despite doing very well in the first couple of states, and in raising money.  The “powers that be” were able to derail Paul’s candidacy by basically ignoring him.  Today, Trump comes out with grand statements of not using campaign funds, but heck, he doesn’t need them.  The media follows him from place to place, quoting half truth after half truth.

Who is Donald Trump?  He is a person that loves money and power.  He loves to be able to do whatever he wants without being subject to law or punishment (this should ring some bells for my fellow mormons).  He is an immoral man that seeks to gratify his lusts at the expense of the chastity of the daughters of God.  He has a history of buying politicians and getting special favors to help him in his business pursuits.  He makes statements about not being “beholden to special interest groups”, but he IS the special interest group!  Despite his most recent “flip” to the pro-life stage, he has a long history of being pro-choice.  Here is a quick video on the subject when he was considering a 3rd party run in 1999.  He has been pro-amnesty for decades and now talks of building a wall.  He has advocated getting a healthcare system like Canada’s and even now still talks of “repealing obamacare and replacing it with something better”.

The greatest talent of  good leader, which also has potential for the greatest danger, is being able to get people to want what you want.  Donald Trump has flip flopped from Republican to Democrat to Republican, and has flip flopped on the issues, but he has always been a believer in big and powerful government, and how it can benefit big business.  Please tell me how the king of establishment is now wearing the anti-establishment hat?  This may be the greatest deception in recent years.  We, the “conservative” people of this great nation are being hoodwinked by the Establishment.  They know every “anti” Trump statement they make, only endears us closer to him.  The more they push against him, the more we embrace him… and they know it.  We somehow believe we are being righteous by not choosing the elected officials that have been bought off in nearly every important decision, and instead, are choosing one of the guys that has been doing the buying.  We should be voting out the criminals there instead of voting in new ones.  Do we really want more of the same?  Trump

2 thoughts on “Hoodwinked By the Establishment”

  1. Good article. I voted for Ben Carson but the truth of the matter is politicians are just a reflection of society sadly. If we want to really have better choices in the future we need to get OUR houses cleaned up. We need to get out of debt, be better members of our family and be servant leaders with them and our communities. We need to be able to think for ourselves by choosing to be involved in self-directed leadership education which teaches people how to think, not want to think like our current conveyor belt public education for the most part. We need to improve our own lives and then work on assisting others and improving theirs, thereby creating more freedom. I’m not pointing fingers because when I do , i absolve myself from being part of the solution.

    1. Very true my friend, very true. Thanks for adding your comment. I completely agree that our “leaders” are a better dressed reflection of us… and we do need to start with ourselves and our own families first. Amen brother.

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